The Beginning

My name is Elaine Francis, and I am a nurse. But not for long; I’m leaving to be a full time freelance medical writer. Welcome to my story.

I’ve worked as a qualified nurse for more than ten years now, and for about six before that variously as a healthcare assistant and student nurse. I’ve taken time off throughout that for having two babies (now terrifyingly adult children, aged 11 and 9 respectively), and for horrible periods of mental illness (more on that at a later date, probably… it crops up now and then). I started doing some freelance writing for various health websites, clinics, blogs and such, and once I started making a little bit of money fairly consistently, I started to think about quitting my regular job.

There are countless reasons why quitting my proper job (stop thinking of that as a proper job and freelancing as NOT a proper job, Lainie) is a terrible idea:

  • lack of guaranteed income
  • having to pay lots of money to give back my work lease car and then have to – horror of horrors – deal with people who deal with cars and try to buy a cheap but not knackered car of my own
  • lack of guaranteed income
  • possibly loss of an important part of my identity
  • lack of guaranteed income
  • loss of institutional, emotional, financial, etc. support if I become unwell (see: time off for horrible periods of mental illness)
  • missing the camaraderie and blitz spirit of a ward team (even though it’s sometimes a drudge)
  • forgetting lots of things I’m proud to know about
  • turning out to be emotionally dependent on a structure I think I hate

and probably lots more. Some of these points are hypothetical at best, needlessly pessimistic at worst, but each of them deserves a considered response, and it’s clearly important not to rush into any decisions just because I’m naturally impulsive. It would be a terrible idea just to stick a resignation letter on my boss’s desk and think it’s okay because an eight week notice period is plenty of time to work out how to make it work.

Anyway obviously there’s a resignation letter on my boss’s desk and I have no idea how to buy a working car.

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